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What to do this holiday?

Dear BE members,

I find it a little awkward to be writing about the topic I am about to bring up to you today. It’s awkward. You know why? This is the period when some students have already finished their school’s end-of-year exams, PSLE, N(A)-, or N(T)- Level, whereas another group is still tackling the O-Level, A-Level, and IB exams! Regardless of which group you belong to — students who’ve finished the exams, students who haven’t [wait wait before you attempt to close this window because you aren’t a student, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A STUDENT TO READ THIS!!!] — I bet this article would serve you well in one way or another! How so? Well, I’m gonna talk about why you deserve a good break after your exams and [very humbly] propose five trendy places you can visit after your exams!

You deserve a good break after your exams

Why? First, let’s break down your day-to-day [the word is ‘mundane’ here] routine. Try recalling how you usually feel after attending one or two lessons in school [yes, you may close your eyes if it helps you recall better]. Do you feel the urge to stand up and visit the washroom just to find a reason to step out of that stuffy classroom for some fresh air and short stroll? Well, that is your mind and body urging you to take a microbreak for their health and wellness because they are so tired. Here’s a fun fact. Many companies encourage their employees to take frequent microbreaks because it has been proven that such acts increase the employees’ physical and mental well-being, as well as overall productivity. Similarly, if we extrapolate this concept into a student’s yearly academic timeframe, it’s also essential for hardworking learners to take a similar-yet-different kind of break: one that is longer and with a slightly different purpose. This break I’m talking about is not the daily washroom breaks you take in between classes; it is a break that allows you to put your (school)work at the back of your mind and enjoy the fun that life has to offer! [pardon my old brain, but I think the word here is ‘YOLO’? Please pardon the generation gap here] With that, let me cut to the chase and start introducing the five trendy places which I am so excited to share!

Disclaimer: [Sadly] I am not sponsored to introduce these places! I just have this strong belief that these places might just brighten up your day and make your after-exam breaks more memorable! ;D I will only provide you with my thoughts and the relevant websites of the places for you to check out. You would not find information on the exact locations or the how-to-go instructions [please re-read this sentence because it is so very important hor]. Since this is an after-exam activity, I’m thinking you would probably have the time to explore them yourself! ;D After all, my education philosophy is to lead my students to the answer and not to spoon-feed them hahah! [Also, thank you for being such lovely understanding people in my life!]

1. The Cat Cafe

Image taken from: http://thecatcafe.sg/

I get it. The cat in their logo design is so irresistibly adorable that you are beginning to wonder if your food would be served by cats in the cafe. Sorry to disappoint but you would not be seeing cats carrying your dishes to you on their heads or back or whatsoever. However, be prepared to be greeted and surrounded by free-roaming free-spirited cats! The best part? You are allowed to engage in friendly interactions with the gorgeous feline kitties in the safe and clean environment while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

Website: http://thecatcafe.sg/

2. We Are The Furballs

Image taken from: https://www.facebook.com/wearethefurballs

If cats aren’t adorable enough for you because you have been ignored by them too many times, you might want to try the DOG VERSION of this kind of animal cafe! If you have been trying to convince your parents to get you a pet dog, this might be a good place to visit with your parents! [ya la I am scheming but you got to admit it is a good way to make your parents fall in love with these endearing creatures!] Here’s a plus point for keeping a pet dog – caring and playing with a pet dog as a family enhances family ties! Now, here’s a gentle reminder –  if some of the cutie furballs pee on you, keep calm and don’t scream!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/wearethefurballs

3. Dairy Farm Nature Park Let’s say you’re not just a fan of pets. You are a huge animal lover. Why not head over to one of the more interesting parks in Singapore? Now, I know, the name of the park suggests that there might be cows around. So, let me clarify, I regret to inform you that you will not be able to find any real cows around. So why on earth am I recommending this place and calling it ‘interesting’? Well, for a start, the park does have some history with cows! Interested? Go Google!

Next, my personal experience trekking in the park has proven to be interesting. [ok, disclaimer. One man’s meat might be another man’s poison so our standard of ‘interesting’ might differ so this is truly just a recommendation for your consideration!] While I was there, I encountered a family of WILD BOARS! Picture this, Mama wild boar with a few cute baby ones trailing behind! I get that you worry for your own safety so let me just say that these boars did not attack me! They were pretty shy so they don’t really attach unless provoked! While you are there, just take note of it!

For those who are ready for some adventure, I witnessed some rock climbing enthusiasts scaling up steep 90 degree cliffs in the park. You didn’t expect to find climbing, did you? [Hi-five!] Finally, we know you’ll like to find a good instagram-worthy place to capture beautiful moments spent with your friends and family! This park is an unconventional choice for you to check it out while being immersed in nature!

Website: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/dairy-farm-nature-park

4. BooksActually

What? Books again? Don’t you worry, this recommendation is dedicated to those who love reading! Also, you can’t deny that books are great tools to improve yourself, right? Furthermore, you can’t really think that learning stops when exams end right? No no no, young ladies and gentlemen, learning should be an ongoing process in your entire life. So, it doesn’t hurt to go visit a HIPSTER bookstore to explore and uncover new knowledge!

Besides being an independent bookstore featuring Fiction and Literature, they also sell pretty attractive notebooks and stationery! If you aren’t that into books, you could always head over to BooksActually to pick up some of your school essentials, albeit in a more colourful tone, to stock up for your next school term!

Website: https://www.booksactuallyshop.com/pages/about 5.

5. Newton Food Centre

Taken from: https://thesmartlocal.com/read/crazy-rich-asians-fact-fiction

Yes, watch that joy radiating off your screen from the gif. Also, you can stop wondering why the gif looks so familiar to you. This is THE SCENE from Crazy Rich Asians! If you haven’t already watched it, add it to your list of to-do this holiday! Besides it being a renowned food centre because it was filmed in an international film, the Newton Food Centre has always been famous amongst Singaporeans for the good food that can be found there. If you’ve stayed in Singapore for at least one year and have not gone to this place, I am sorry but SHAME ON YOU! All I can say is, go and soak up some of Singapore’s very local food scene this holiday!

Website: https://www.hungrygowhere.com/gallery/hawker-guide-newton-food-centre-*gid-6b483101/

Well, as promised, the five trendy places I would like to suggest for you guys to check them out after exams! Let me just repeat myself: I.am.not.sponsored.to.introduce.all.these! Just keep in mind this: as long as you’re with the right company, you are guaranteed to have a good break from (school) work and create valuable memories wherever you go! Don’t you agree? [I am hoping you do!]

Before I go, ALL images and gifs used here are taken from the sources indicated via the URL captioned along with them! FYI!


Best Regards,

The BE Team

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