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Full Terms and Conditions For Tutors

  /  Full Terms and Conditions For Tutors


Brilliance Edulearn manually inspects all tutor applications. All tutors must be above 16 years old and passed their GCE ‘O’ levels.

Qualifications and Authentication

All tutors are to provide accurate information and scanned softcopy of NRIC and Certifications. Brilliance Edulearn vets these documents in order to ensure that the qualification of the tutor matches the tutor category that they are assigned to. We will not tolerate tutors who attempt to cheat clients with fake qualifications and information and will report them to the Police.

Guidelines for Conducting Lessons

Brilliance Edulearn expects all tutors to conduct themselves appropriately in a professional and ethical manner. If their conduct is deemed unsatisfactory, we may immediately terminate the assignment. General Guidelines:

  • Do not be late.
  • Always deliver a full tutoring session.
  • A minimum of two days’ notice if a change of timing is required.
  • No physical and verbal abuse will be tolerated. (e.g discouragement, scolding etc.)
  • Regular communication with parents to keep them updated of progress.

Tutoring Period

The tutoring period is usually stated clearly as we arrange the tuition assignment. If the tutoring period is not specified, all parties should be prepared to commit for at least 3 months. Tutors are not bound by contract, however, those who do not honour their agreement may be blacklisted.

Foul Play

We are aware of situations where tutors offer the clients better rate than us and persuade them to cancel the assignments and make private contacts with them. Similarly, tutors often force clients for early termination of the assignments with the purpose of earning better commission. Such acts are banned and will not be tolerated in any case. If tutor found in any such activities, he/she will be held liable in compensating the losses of Brilliance Edulearn. Tutor will also be kicked out of our platform.

Commission and Payment of Tutor Fees

Upon completion of half of 1-month of lessons (or otherwise stated in the official invoice), clients are required to make the commission payment (Usually equivalent to the first 2 weeks of lessons to Brilliance Edulearn). After completion of 1 month of lessons, clients are then required to pay the remaining 3rd and 4th week of tutor fees directly to the tutor. There will be an official email invoice with all the details included sent to the client. Schedule of future payments is up to the tutor and parent to decide. Individual lesson cancellations should not affect the commission amount or due date of payment.

Commission Amount

Brilliance Edulearn generally collects 50% of the first month of tuition fees as commission. This is subject to certain exceptions. To find out the exact way we collect commission, refer to our Fair Commission Policy. Additionally, any tuition added during the 1st month, such as tuition for tutee’s siblings or for additional subjects, shall be made known to Brilliance Edulearn and will be included in the commission.

Tutor Reassignment or Cancellation

The client may request a replacement tutor or cancel at any time, but the tutor will still be paid for the attended tuition lessons. For more information about how our commission works, check out our Fair Commission Policy.

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates agreed upon should not be changed unless clients and tutors mutually agree. Brilliance Edulearn reserves the right to claim its commission based on the original agreed upon tuition rate.

Length of Commitment, Postponement of lessons, and Last Minute Cancellations

Once you have given a verbal or written (SMS, whatsapp message, email) confirmation to take up the assignment in quote, we expect you to at least complete 4 weeks of lessons. If a postponement made by you that resulted in cancellation or a cancellation is made before 4 weeks of lessons are completed, we may blacklist you as an irresponsible tutor. The commission will be adjusted according to our Fair Commission Policy. If the tutor wants to postpone a lesson, he must similarly inform the client in advance of 2 days, unless due to sudden sickness (Medical Certificate should be shown as proof). Any complaints made against tutors may result in immediate termination of the assignment and possible blacklisting. Clients and Tutors are only allowed to reschedule lessons under mutual agreement. Clients shall inform the tutor if a postponement or cancellation is needed. If the tutor is only informed less than two hours away to the start time of the lesson, clients shall be liable to pay for the loss time and transport cost to the tutor. The amount payable will be 50% of 1 lesson and made within 7 days.

Location of Lessons

Lessons will be conducted at student’s home unless specified.

Age, Race or Gender preferences

Brilliance Edulearn does not dictate the requirements of clients requesting for tutors. However, many clients have specific preferences or requirements with regards to the age, race, or gender of tutors they seek. By signing up as a tutor, you agree to accept that you will receive jobs that specify any of the above requirements. If you feel that these ads are discriminatory or offensive, you may unsubscribe at any time.


Brilliance Edulearn reserves the right to amend our T&C at any time without prior notice.

Privacy Policy (To Tutors and Clients)

Brilliance Edulearn values your privacy and treats your personal information with respect. This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting Brilliance Edulearn, you are accepting the practices described in this policy.

Do Not Call Privacy & Security

Brilliance Edulearn strives to maintain cordial relationships with its tutors and clients. We actively inform tutors of available assignments through emails, texts and phone calls. By registering with us as a tutor, you have also given consent to receiving such notices from us. Under the new DNC provisions, we have taken steps to introduce new measures in to ensure smooth operations. If you no longer wish to receive notifications from us, you may indicate so by emailing us at brillianceedulearn@outlook.com.


Brilliance Edulearn does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with anyone except to provide products or services you have requested. Brilliance Edulearn will not publicly reveal any private information such as NRIC, uploaded certifications, handphone number, or full addresses, to anyone except when necessary in providing the services to the persons described below:


A client is a person who makes a request for a tutor with Brilliance Edulearn. When a client makes a request, the rough location, subject(s) and frequency of tuition lessons, special needs, and other information excluding personal information may be revealed or broadcasted to prospective tutors. We will only reveal the full address and contact number of the client to the tutor that the client has accepted, never to the public.


A tutor is a person who registers with Brilliance Edulearn. When you register as a tutor we may ask for information such as your name, email address, address, handphone number, gender, occupation, qualification, and subjects you are interested in teaching. We will not reveal your private information (NRIC, Certifications etc) to prospective clients. Only when the client have accepted the assignment, then we will reveal the tutor’s contact number to the client. We may also use your general information to create external ads in order to find clients.

Computer Information

Brilliance Edulearn collects personal information when you register with us. Brilliance Edulearn may receive and record information on our server logs from your browser, including but not limited to, your IP address, session ID, the pages you visited and the time these pages were visited. Brilliance Edulearn uses information to customize the content you see, fulfil your requests for services, improve our services, and conduct research.

Legal Disclaimer

Though we make every effort to preserve users’ privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law.

Business Transitions

In the event Brilliance Edulearn goes through a business transition, such as a merger, being acquired by another company, or selling a portion of its assets, users’ personal information may be part of the assets transferred. We will, prior to such an event, inform all our users in advance of 7 days via email to which you may opt out.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Brilliance Edulearn may update this policy. This policy may be updated or changed without prior notice. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, contact us at brillianceedulearn@outlook.com

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