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Looking for Secondary Physics Tuition Singapore?

Don't let the heavy Secondary Physics Tuition Singapore syllabus overwhelm you. Let our experienced and qualified tutors help you today.
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secondary school physics tuition singapore

Secondary Physics Tuition Singapore

Secondary School Physics Home Tuition in Singapore

Upon foundation mastery in lower secondary, students now have to specialise into further subject combinations in their later years of secondary education. As students start to take pure Physics as part of their subject combinations, the amount of new concepts introduced to them can be overwhelming. Over here at Brilliance EduLearn, we have a range of experienced tutors that comes from a diverse range of background, offering one of the most comprehensive secondary school tuition in Singapore. This ranges from secondary math tuition to secondary combined Physics tuition and even pure Physics tuition. Many of our tutors can teach more than one subjects, enabling them to help students in multiple field of studies. This is especially beneficial as students now have to take a combination of subjects including pure physics, chemistry and biology and it can be difficult to always have to ask different teachers on different subject concepts.

Secondary School Physics Home Tuition Singapore

At Brilliance EduLearn, we offer flexibility through provision of home tuition. You can stay at different parts of Singapore and still have access to home education through our platform.

Do apply with us and get your secondary Physics home tuition now!

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Testimonial (Secondary 3 Kid, Pure Physics Tuition)

My son has always been struggling with his Physics subject during his time in Primary School and Lower Secondary and it became even worse for him moving on to Sec 3 when he has to deal with Pure Physics, a branch of Physics that demands for high conceptual thinking. Knowing that an experienced tutor may not always be good in this case, Brilliance EduLearn recommended us a part-time Physics tutor who had troubles with his own Physics back when he was in school but later managed to fully understand the concepts afterwards. This kind of tutor is good for my son because the tutor himself recognises the root problems of not being able to understand some particular Physics concepts. Taking tips and tricks from his own experience, the tutor is able to impart his knowledge to my son effectively. My son is not improving fast but he is sure improving steadily.

Testimonial (Tutor, 6 years in education)

As a female Physics tutor, I am always in demand because I know that not many female tutors are able teach Physics well. It’s not a sexist thing, but a fact. Recognising that, Brilliance EduLearn told me that I could leverage on this high demand further by coming up with lesson plans to put myself in an advantage over other female Physics tutors. Not only that, the coordinator at Brilliance EduLearn also provided me the tips and tricks to write a good lesson plan (something that also looks like a good resume) while remaining factual so I could give the parents the assurance that I could teach the subject well.

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