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Looking for Secondary Math Tuition Singapore?

Don't let the heavy Secondary Math Tuition Singapore syllabus overwhelm you. Let our experienced and qualified tutors help you today.
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Secondary Math Tuition Singapore

Get Secondary School Math Home Tuition in Singapore

As the students step into secondary education, it can be quite daunting for many as students have to learn to juggle with new subject combinations and a completely new environment. Over here at Brilliance EduLearn, we have a range of experienced tutors that comes from a diverse range of background, offering one of the most comprehensive secondary school tuition in Singapore. This ranges from secondary math tuition to secondary science tuition and even secondary language tuition. This will ensure that your children not only will have a strong mastery of the various subjects during their younger years, having a tutor will help to guide and your kid to transit to new environment easily.

Secondary Math Home Tuition Singapore

At Brilliance EduLearn, we offer flexibility through provision of home tuition. You can stay at different parts of Singapore and still have access to home education through our platform.

Do apply with us and get your secondary home tuition now!

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Testimonial (Secondary 2 Kid, Math Tuition)

My child studies in an IP school, and the syllabus is vastly different from that of other schools. This makes it very difficult to find a good tuition centre to bring my kid to. After recommendation from Brilliance EduLearn, my child is now doing very well for her math. I really think home tuition is beneficial for my kid as she receives full attention from the tutor. Home tuition also makes it easier for her to ask any questions when she has doubts about her school work. Thank you Brilliance EduLearn!

Testimonial (Tutor, 6 years in education)

Having taught home tuition for more than 6 years, I understand how parents value tutors who are flexible in teaching multiple subjects. Sometimes a full 2 hour slot can be better utilised if a tutor can teach multiple subjects instead of 1, to answer any questions that the students might have. Also, some concepts can be used for different subjects, such as kinematics for math and sciences. With better understanding of how these various concepts can be used across different subjects, students will find it easier to grasp and learn. As a tuition agency, I find that Brilliance EduLearn has done well to find a balance between what parents want and what tutors can give. Thank you Brilliance EduLearn for not pushing difficult requests to tutors like us!

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