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Looking for Primary Science Tuition Singapore?

Don't let the heavy Primary Science Tuition Singapore syllabus overwhelm you. Let our experienced and qualified tutors help you today.
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primary school science tuition singapore

Primary Science Tuition Singapore

Primary School Science Home Tuition Singapore

Besides Mathematics, students are now learning Sciences once they reach primary 3. This is the first time children are getting exposure to an entirely new subject, which can be confusing and difficult in the beginning. This is the time where they start to learn and understand the environment in which they live in, and it is important to grow an interest in this new subject for them to do well. Having a strong mathematical foundation helps to build their logical and analytical skills, which is useful for them to understand science concepts better. With the help of Brilliance EduLearn, we hope to bring to you tutors who are not only proficient in Mathematics, but also Sciences so that they can help the students concurrently. Besides, we hope to bring you tutors who are able to explain science concepts in a creative and interesting manner so that your kid will enjoy studying this new subject!

Primary Science Home Tuition Singapore

At Brilliance EduLearn, we offer flexibility through provision of home tuition. You can stay at different parts of Singapore and still have access to home education through our platform.

Do apply with us and get your primary science home tuition now!

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Testimonial (P4 Kid, Math and Science Tuition)

I was quite adamant about finding a tutor who is proficient in mathematics and science to help my kid in his studies. Thank you Brilliance EduLearn for helping me find a tutor despite my demanding request! I understand that it is not easy to find tutor who teaches more than one subject and I really wanted the flexibility for my kid to be able to ask any questions he faced regarding these 2 weaker subjects. I will be sure to look for Brilliance EduLearn again.

Testimonial (P6 Kid, Science Tuition)

The science concepts for primary school are getting harder as years go by. Without home tuition, I couldn’t help my kid at all! After trying multiple times to teach my kid in sciences, I decided that it was so time consuming and he probably is better off with a home tutor. Thank you Brilliance EduLearn for helping me get a tutor so promptly, in time to help my kid for PSLE. I understand it wasn’t easy getting a home tutor at the very last minute to help improve my kid’s grades.

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