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New Year, New Chances

Dear BE members,

You are probably counting down to flipping over the last page of your 2018 planner. You might also be counting down to some deal breaking year end sales because it’s time to get one of those aesthetically alluring planner. Or you might just be enjoying the last few days of school holidays and not counting down to school reopen. Regardless, 2019 is heading your way and you can’t avoid it. So what if you can’t avoid it?

Be enthusiastic about it.

Alright, let’s take it down a notch. If you aren’t heading out to a havoc countdown party [excuse me hor, by havoc I meant getting together with your close amigos and shouting happy new year in the most deafening tone you can gather. No alcohol or anything illegal folks.], you can still embrace 2019 with positive vibes. So remember, you can’t avoid 2019 but you CAN be positive towards it.

1 year = 365 opportunities

If your planner is your Bible, then you would find it exhilarating to open up a new planner with 365 new pages to doodle in. If you aren’t a planner person, just open up the calendar in your phone and greet your eyes with the super refreshing 1 Jan 2019 mark. What is the deal with physically witnessing the start of the new year?

For me, it’s the in-your-face message that you have a whole new year refreshed into a blank page for you to fill. How do we then take full advantage of this soothing clean blank page and live the new year to the fullest? How do we make these 365 opportunities count? Well, the BE team has a few ideas and I have [I think the word is ‘kindly’?] consolidated the team’s ‘advices’ here for your kind consideration. I sure hope you like what you read!


Stage 1: Love your regrets

As sadistic as it sounds, it’s not a pessimistic thing! Really, it’s not.

Looking back at 2018, I’ll admit that I have a few regrets of my own. Big or small, they are still regrets. Am I troubled by them? Well, in that moment of churning out those regrets, I was certainly weighed down for a while. Then, moved on. Despite moving on, I’ll always keep in mind I have had these regrets because they are healthy reminders that I have the power to make a difference in my following year.

Back when I was a student, there’s something called NAPFA (physical fitness test). Can you feel your muscles aching and your lungs shuddering at the mentioned? I feel you. Anyway, there was a year when my commitment to Long John Silvers and YouTube really ‘bulked up’ my body. The weight gain was real and 2.4 run was wild. It was as though I wore the wrong legs for the fitness test because they can’t carry the weight of my body. I regretted deeply. [BTW, I still passed la] I regretted because I knew the fitness test could have been a whole lot easier with many ‘IF’s. If I ate less of that sinfully good fried chicken and fish combo. If I trained myself more consistently. If I spent less time in front of YouTube and more time playing sports.

As a prideful individual, my poorer 2.4 timing really embarrassed me in front of myself. So, I held in my hand this reminder of a painful fitness test. The next year, I put my ‘IF’s to plan by reminding myself of the regrets I had. Voila! A much breezy 2.4 for me! You see how loving my regrets worked out for me?  Let your regrets become your motivation to make a difference for your 2019! Are you beginning to fall in love with your regrets? I hope you are but don’t get overly attached to them! There’s always a need for a fine balance in everything!


Stage 2: Devise your game plan

If you want your 2019 to win 2018, it’s time you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious plan. I might have used a word that looks troublesome but what I really meant to say is that you could have a plan as simple as ‘I’ll be less lazy in completing my revisions in 2019’. Why? Because it simply sets the tone for your new year! Don’t be deceived by a generic looking plan. As brief as it might seem, it still can have a profound effect when it throws you towards the right direction! Here’s a quick look at what usually goes on in my humble brain when I devise my game plan.

Starting from a blank state of mind, I think of goals which I want to attain. Then, sieve the realistic ones and focus on them. It does not matter how many goals you set, it is vital to have a realistic one than many fluff goals.


Then, think of strategies which will help guide you towards attaining your goal. Personally, setting a realistic deadline for myself prevents me from procrastinating because I have a VISIBLE deadline to attain my goal/goals. Next, I strongly believe in strength of mind and will. So, it is very crucial for myself to set the right attitude before embarking on my mission. Finally, a plan is never perfect. Events unfold in ways that often divert from your imagination and without reviewing your real progress, you will be blinded by your own assumptions. That my friend, is an extremely dangerous factor which could derail your plans big time!


Stage 3: ACTION!

I mean, it would be such a waste if you had all these great plans for yourself and you did nothing about it. When you let all your great plans stay in your head all the time, that’s where they will ever be – floating aimlessly in your head. They would never anchor themselves in your head and heart and would never get translated into actions. At the end of the day, you can daydream about all the possibility of success but would you have achieved any? Probably not. 

Since you CAN take ownership of your own life, why wouldn’t you right? All you need to do is to set your plans into motion. Don’t worry and don’t give up just because you didn’t have the discipline to take actions during the first two months of 2019. There are still 300+ days of opportunities for you to kick start that fabulous plan of yours! As long as you DON’T GIVE UP, you will definitely have ample chances to embark on whatever plans you have devised!

& that is all I have for you folks today! I certainly hope the BE team’s ideas would be of some help to you in the upcoming 2019! Until then, enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Best Regards,

The BE Team

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