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Dear BE members,


You might be wondering what’s with this short and extremely informal out of the blue greeting. Well, as you might have pointed out, it is a greeting from us. Brilliance EduLearn has been established for over a year now. This short but meaningful journey has been a truly humbling one for the BE team. Here and now, you might be thinking that this is sounding a lot like a farewell letter.

Well, it isn’t!

Like all you deep-thinkers, the BE team found ourselves at a mark where we felt the need to look back at this insightful journey we have embarked on as a coordinator for you. [What’s the word for that? Ahhh… REFLECTION]. Before you begin raising your brows along with the questions in your head, try recalling if you had looked these up – ‘Best tuition agency Singapore’, ‘Home tutor Singapore’, ‘Best 1 to 1 home tuition Singapore’. Familiar, right? Your searches were the reason why Brilliance EduLearn was founded. [Indeed, the cliché way of putting this across would be – you are the reason for our existence] Before it slips my mind, I just wanted to clarify. This isn’t a farewell letter.

After executing the ever-popular #tbt, it has come to the team’s attention that we have not formally introduced ourselves to you fellow BE members! So, here’s our formal HELLO to you and a short peak into why Brilliance EduLearn was founded.

[Here’s the once-upon-a-time story, stay with me till the end!]

The founders grew up in Singapore and was educated in the very same landscape. Like you, the founders went through the phase of hunting for ‘Best tuition agency Singapore’, ‘Home tutor Singapore’, ‘Best 1 to 1 home tuition Singapore’. Like you, the founders understood how exhausting it could be to find the right educator with the ONE effective teaching method tailored for them. If I may illustrate, searching for a tutor is like hunting for a pair of shoes which you could fit BOTH feet in comfortably when your right foot is smaller than the left. [Ha! Jinx right?]

With such similar experiences in tutor-searching in mind, the founders started Brilliance EduLearn in hope to offer the best tutor-seeking experience for eager learners like you in Singapore! Do rest assure that our BE team is equally advocated to coordinating the best student-tutor match in Singapore!

Now, as promised, just a polite greeting and a short peak into why BE was founded! As the BE team prepares to move into 2019 [too early? Don’t forget, when it comes to education, the earlier the preparation, the better the results!], we will continue to take note of key learning points along the way to improve ourselves and become the best tuition coordinator we can be for you! Stay with us!


The BE Team

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