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jc chemistry tuition singapore

JC Chemistry Home Tuition Singapore

Best JC Chemistry Home Tuition Centre Singapore

Many schools encourages their students to take Chemistry as one of their science subjects in JC. As students step into junior college, the increase in complexity of chemistry concepts can be quite daunting. Many chemistry concepts such as organic chemistry is seen to be many times harder as students transit from secondary education to JC.  Over here at Brilliance EduLearn, we have a range of experienced tutors that comes from a diverse range of background, offering one of the most comprehensive JC chemistry tuition in Singapore. This will ensure that your children will have a strong mastery of the subject in JC, not only helping them to excel in their studies, but also preparing them for university courses.

JC Chemistry Tuition Singapore

At Brilliance EduLearn, we offer flexibility through provision of home tuition. You can stay at different parts of Singapore and still have access to home education through our platform.

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Testimonial (JC1 Kid, H2 Chemistry Tuition)

Ms. Fan is a good Chemistry tutor because she does her preparation well before each lesson with my JC1 daughter (I engaged her for my Sec 3-4 son too!). Recognising that the content of Sec 3-4 Pure Chemistry overlaps with that of H2 Chemistry, Ms. Fan set up sessions with both of my kids so my daughter could teach my son some of the overlapping Chemistry topics in her presence. Do not be mistaken, Ms. Fan was actually very active correcting mistakes in the whole process. Through this method, Ms. Fan not only managed to make my son understand the Sec 3-4 Pure Chemistry concepts, she also managed to reinforce my daughter’s H2 Chemistry concepts. All of these also made my daughter a better communicator you know! More importantly, the sessions reinforced the relationship between my son and daughter. What a win-win situation you see. Well, I think I am lucky to have engaged Ms. Fan as I do not think many tutors go beyond the usual way of teaching to make sure their students learn well! Once again, thank you Kathy for helping match such a good tutor. In fact, I myself have also become good friends with Ms. Fan hahaha!

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