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Q: How can I trust the tutors provided by Brilliance EduLearn?
A: Brilliance EduLearn strives to provide excellent tuition agency service by manually approving tutor applications. You may request for authentication of their NRIC and certificates if you wish.
Q: What are the rates and agent fees?
A: For any tuition assignment, our agent fee is waived for client who follows and acts accordingly to our terms and conditions. Tuition rates agreed upon should not be changed without the agreement of both parties. If there are any disagreements, you may come to us and we will recommend another tutor to suit your new requirements.
Q: Must I make payment for the agency commission?
A: You, the client, do not have to pay a single cent for our services. However, you must facilitate the process for us to claim the commission on the tutor. Brilliance EduLearn’s agent fee on the tutor is generally 50% of the 1st month of tutor fees. Once the assignment’s details such as schedule, rate, and first lesson is confirmed, our tuition coordinator in contact with you will send you an official invoice via email with the confirmation and payment details.
Q: How do I make the payment?
A. In the official email invoice sent to you, the payment details will be provided. For reference, see below: You may make a bank transfer via ATM or iBank. Payment Details: POSB Savings 228-43677-1 Payee Name: Kathy Ong Chu Quan It is your responsibility to ensure that the bank receipt is kept as proof of transaction made via cash deposit transfer. Otherwise, we may not be able to verify your payment. We will send you an official receipt via email upon verifying your payment.
Q: What are the rules regarding postponement/cancellation of lessons and commitment?
A: Once you have confirmed the assignment to book the tutor in quote, there is a binding contract to complete one full lesson and you may only request a change of tutor or terminate the tuition only after that 1st lesson. If you decide to cancel the tuition arrangement even before the 1st lesson commences, you shall be liable to pay administrative fees to Brilliance EduLearn equivalent to at least the 1st lesson tuition fee. Clients shall inform the tutor if a postponement or cancellation of lessons is needed. If the tutor is only informed less than two hours away to the start time of the lesson, you shall be liable to pay for the loss time and transport cost to the tutor. The amount payable will be 50% of 1 lesson.
Q: Can I change or cancel with my tutor if I am not satisfied with the current one?
A: If the provided tutor does not meet your needs, you may simply inform the tuition coordinator in contact with you regarding the cancellation or request a change. We will promptly make the necessary arrangements. Do note that you are still required to make payment to Brilliance EduLearn for all lessons already conducted.
Q: How do I feedback to Brilliance EduLearn regarding my good/bad experience with the tutor?
A: You may email us at contactus@brillianceedulearn.com.sg or contact us at our numbers for any feedback or questions that are not answered under the FAQ and Terms and Conditions. We appreciate your help in providing us accurate feedbacks to improve our system.
Q: Do I have to pay any subscription fee to engage the service of Brilliance EduLearn?
A: No, you do not have to pay any subscription fee. Brilliance EduLearn will share information of new assignments to you whenever we have new assignments that match your skills and preferences. You will not be asked to make any payments for such information.
Q: Will there be any commission made by Brilliance EduLearn for the assignments I have accepted?
A: Upon completion of half of 1-month of lessons (or otherwise stated in the official invoice), student/parent is required to make the commission payment (usually equivalent to the first 2 weeks of lessons to Brilliance EduLearn). After completion of 1 month of lessons, the student/parent is then required to pay the remaining 3rd and 4th week of tutor fees directly to the tutor. There will be an official email invoice with all the details included sent to the client.
Q: If an assignment is cancelled by the student/parent after the third lesson, will BE still collect any commission?
A: Brilliance EduLearn will investigate the reason behind the cancellation and determine the outcome on a case-by case-basis. Brilliance EduLearn will strive to determine an outcome agreeable by both the student/parent and the tutor.
Q: How can I be rewarded through this referral scheme?
A: If you know of any student/parent who is looking for a private home tutor, you may refer him/her to Brilliance EduLearn. Upon a successful match of a tutor to the student/parent, you will be entitled to 10% of the commission that Brilliance EduLearn earns. A match is “successful” when Brilliance EduLearn has received the commission payment from the student/parent. Who knows, you may even make stable income through this scheme by consistently referring students to Brilliance EduLearn!
Q: How do I refer a student to Brilliance EduLearn?
A: Simply go to https://www.brillianceedulearn.com.sg/referral/ and take 2 minutes to fill in the form on that page! Our friendly coordinator will contact you after that!
Q: Do I have to be a tutor or student of Brilliance EduLearn to refer a student to Brilliance EduLearn?
A: No. In fact, anyone can refer a student to Brilliance EduLearn!
Q: How do I ensure that Brilliance EduLearn does not shortchange me the 10% of the commission by declaring a lower amount?
A: Do not worry! First of all, Brilliance EduLearn runs an honest business, so you can trust us in declaring the correct amount. Second of all, before the students/parents you have referred to us make any payment to Brilliance EduLearn, we will send an invoice to them, stating the correct payment amount. You, as the referral, will receive a copy of the invoice too. Lastly, if you are still not convinced, you may make separate arrangements to verify with the students/parents.
Q: How will Brilliance EduLearn pay me the 10% of the commission?
A: We will make an immediate bank transfer to you! As such, we require you to provide your bank account details when we request for it.
Q: When will Brilliance EduLearn pay me the 10% of the commission?
A: We will make the bank transfer as soon as we have received the required payment from the students/parents you have referred to us!
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