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Back to School, Year 2009

Dear BE members,

It’s January 2019. Yes, I am aware that it isn’t 2009. So, why the title?

Well, January reminded me of the time when I was a student who dreaded having to return to school – because no child likes the end of vacation right? But if I were to be completely honest, there are 3 things which make going back to school so much more bearable. 1. People 2. Food 3. Things

You might be wondering what on earth does ‘things’ even mean. Well, by ‘things’, I am talking about back-to-school kits

Some might be wondering ‘Are back-to-school kits even necessary’? Well, I wouldn’t call them compulsory. For me, a set of brand new back-to-school kit always signals a great refreshing start for the brand new year. A new ‘battle kit’ for the new academic year.

Here’s a quick look at what I had always prepared for my back-to-school combat kit!

& it always starts with a new school bag,

Every year, the eraser would be the most worn-out item in my pencil case because of all the doodles I had to get rid of from my notes and books.

A set of highlighter/marker that has to be as colorful as possible so that I can color my notes with 50% redundant ‘key points’.

A set of new notebooks and foolscap (note: ‘a set’ because I am so spoilt for choice with all the amazingly designed notebooks out there in the market that I managed to conjure up lots of lame reason to justify my need for them).

Pencils for notes, doodles and OAS shading during exams.

Pens because students feel more grown-up upgrading from pencils to pens. More importantly, our answers are only recognised in ink.

Finally, scissors because we never know when we need one. Also, there are lots of cool scissors design around!

Finally, stay hydrated.

Admittedly, I had to come up with lots of (lame) reasons to justify why I needed brand new items listed above in my back-to -school kit. I am sure my parents were well-aware that it wasn’t necessary to prepare a brand new set of back-to-school kit at the start of every year. Still, they respected that it was an essential ‘tradition’ of mine because it gives me a subtle but crucial confidence that I am ready to bring my focus back to school.

I know it isn’t 2009 anymore but I am pretty sure some students out there share the same tradition as me today. Which makes me wonder, what do students prepare in their back-to-school kits these days? I guess this question will be stuck in my head for quite a while until I interview one of my unfortunately-selected young cousin this CNY!

Till then, best regards,

The BE Team

[Photo credits: Pinterest]

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